SEO Info for Dublin Businesses

If you are a small, medium, large or start-up business in Dublin, it is essential that you utilise the online digital marketing side of your business. Hiring a well established trusted SEO company in Dublin should be your first step to take to achieve this goal. If you really want visitors searching for your specific product or service to find your website on google, then organic SEO is the only solution. I have been reading a lot recently about retail outlets mentioning that their business is downsizing due to online sales. The solution to this is simple, create an online E-commerce website to sell your products and compete with the online companies that are taking your business. To compete with the big names you need to outrank them. The solution to outranking them is simple also, hire the best SEO company you can find! The future for sustainable retail businesses is having multiple angles of selling your products. If the way people are purchasing their products is changing, then why not change to accommodate potential customers? Having a solid search engine optimisation campaign for your website is the key to successfully selling your products or services online!



For Small, Dublin Businesses is SEO Really Necessary?

For small local business owners in Dublin, this phrase is probably the most common one I hear of: “we don’t need digital marketing.” This may be after they have already spent between €1,000 and €2,000 on a recent website build. The big question is what is the point in having a website built for your company if it can’t be found effectively on search engines such as Google? For some small enterprise owners, this concept may often seem like a modern fad or possibly a complete waste of time. For professional digital marketing experts, the many benefits associated with SEO seem very obvious. The real question small enterprises want to ask is SEO really necessary or is it conceivable to survive without it? I will discuss the most common motives why a small business owner would cast off the idea of having a digital marketing camping. Find out why MOZ thinks SEO is necessary!

  1. I have Enough Customers Already

On this point, I would totally agree, if you are completely satisfied with your volume of customers then maybe online marketing is an avenue you don’t need to turn to. This is a great position to be in, but for the long term is this sustainable for your customers with the ever-evolving online marketplace?

  1. All My Clients/Customers are Offline

In my opinion, this is very biased thinking. It is obvious if you are focusing your marketing strategy offline that you will only attract offline customers. Every day there are over 5 billion searches on google and there are currently over 1 billion Facebook users who are active. Would it not spring to mind that some of these searches are looking for a product or service you offer?

  1. I have already Tried Marketing Online but it Wasn’t Successful

If you have already partaken in an online campaign to grow your companies online presence and were not successful, this does not entirely mean that you should give up. In simple, the main reasons why your online campaign was unsuccessful maybe due to the SEO company you hired not executing the campaign effectively or possibly a flaw in your website design.

  1. SEO Is too Expensive

It depends on how robust of an online marketing campaign you want to undertake, but in general, it is well known to be the cheapest form of online marketing. Search engine optimisation is an investment and achieving your online goals will result in a high ROI.

  1. I don’t Understand it

Just because currently you do not understand most of or anything about search engine optimisation and online marketing, this does not mean that you will always not understand it. In as little as 30 minutes searching and reading through Google, you would probably have enough information to easily understand the fundamentals of digital marketing.

So what do I need to start an Effective SEO Campaign?

To start an effective SEO campaign, whether you are a small medium or large business is having a website professionally developed and designed to showcase your business effectively. Some other essentials that are related to online marketing are:

  • Make sure your website is mobile friendly
  • Make sure your website is Responsive to all modern devices such as Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, and desktops.
  • Hire a well-established Irish SEO company who you are confident that can achieve your online marketing goals.
  • Be patient with seeing results. As a lot of effective modern SEO campaigns use a lot of natural link building, it will take time for search engines to index and trust these links to your website. It is well known that it takes at least 90 days to see any positive impact on your website’s rankings after any links have been created.
  • When you achieve your website ranking goals, the key to sustainability is by not canceling your campaign and switching to an SEO maintenance plan. This will show to search engines that you are still building natural links to your site, which will continue maintaining its trust flow. If Google spots that your website has stopped it’s natural link building process, this will result in Google lowering the trust it has for your website and inevitably will lower your rankings.


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