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Pay Per Click advertising or Google AdWords, whatever you like to call them, can greatly increase your sales FACT.
At SEO Doctor we can provide a PPC Management service to suit you, as many of our SEO Customers want Google AdWords advertising as part of their SEM (search engine marketing) or online Marketing plan.

SEO Doctor have 2 qualified Google AdWords personnel in house that will get you a more focused and purchase driven audience for the products or services you are selling online. We are a Google Partner and have earned this in 2013 to date. Each year we have to resit the Google AdWords exams to keep our Google Partner Badge. This is why we are Irelands Leading PPC Management Company in Ireland.

For every PPC Management Campaign we do a complete business and keyword analysis to focus your Google AdWords Campaign – PPC campaign directly at the heart of where the sales are happening on Google.ie.
By us strategically using Google analytics along with your PPC Campaign we can start weeding out the rogue keywords that are wasting Clicks and money, while focusing on the niche keywords that will get you more sales and profit.

Over 30% of Google.ie searchers click on Google AdWords – Pay Per click campaigns to purchase their online goods or services.

This along with the 70% of customers going to Organic search to purchase you would be crazy not to do both PPC Advertising and a Good SEO Campaign together as this will give your company full coverage on Google.ie as most of your competitors are doing this also.

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